Try This Homemade ACV to Control Your Blood Sugar and Lose Weight Naturally

In order to get more control over their health and lose weight, people will try all sorts of things, including fad diets, commercial detoxes, weight loss pills, etc. However, these things rarely work, and even when they do and you manage to lose some weight, you end up right back where you started. It’s no wonder really, as most of these “treatments” work based on  the yo-yo effect: they make you lose excess water and shed a couple of pounds, but immediately after you’re done, your body tries to go back to its previous, “normal” state, as it perceives the change as a threat.

However, this doesn’t need to happen. When you lose weight slowly, safely and naturally, there will be no yo-yo effect. Your body will have plenty of time to adjust to its new form, and so will you. And what is better for not only losing weight but for your overall wellbeing, than organic, homemade apple cider vinegar (ACV)?

ACV and Our Health

Before we jump right to the recipe, let’s explain how ACV can actually help us lose excess weight.

Since it contains beneficial bacteria (probiotics), ACV is excellent for our digestive system. Numerous studies have shown that a healthy gut affects all aspects of our body: when our gut is healthy and happy, so is our immune system, and when our immune system functions well, our metabolism starts working like clockwork: fast.

Furthermore, ACV can reduce our fat storage. This is thanks to the beta-carotene that is present in it – it helps break down and remove excess, stored fat from the body (think excess belly fat).

And finally, ACV is proven to reduce insulin levels. So if you’re struggling with insulin resistance (like most of the people in modern societies) or uncontrollable blood sugar spikes and crashes between the meals, ACV could help.

Homemade ACV

For this recipe you don’t even have to use whole apples (although you can if you want to): peels and cores will do! However, be warned that it’s best to use organic apples, as pesticides can hinder the fermentation process.


  • Apple scraps, enough to fill your jar of choice
  • Organic honey or organic cane sugar, two tablespoons
  • Water


Put the apple scraps into the jar and add some water. Add honey or sugar and stir well until the sweetener is dissolved. Add the rest of the water, until your jar is completely filled. Then, cover with a cheesecloth and store at room temperature for about three to four weeks (depending on the season). Once you notice “the mother” in the jar (a dark, cloudy substance), strain the mixture. Done!

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