The Truth About “Cancer Cure”, Vitamin B17

What we eat has a profound effect on our overall health, and considering our modern, busy and ultra-fast lifestyle that comes hand in hand with processed, packaged and junk food, it’s no wonder more and more people are getting sick every day. This includes the most serious disease of them all – cancer.

While some people doubt alternative anti-cancer treatments work, we wholeheartedly believe that if a conventional anti-cancer treatment is not working for you, a healthy lifestyle, lots of fresh, vibrant foods, no stress, meditation and positive thinking, as well as regular physical activity can reverse the progression of this horrible disease.

But there is one particular natural supplement that works the best against cancer: Vitamin B17.

Vitamin B17

Laetrile or Vitamin B17 is made out of glucose and hydrogen cyanide, which is what makes it such a powerful anti-cancer supplement. In essence, glucose inserts itself into the cancer cell, while the cyanide and benzaldahyde from the glucose act as a targeted poison that kills the cancer cell.

Here’s the supposed issue: many experts claim that this form of treatment is toxic, which it is, since it kills cancer cells. But cancer itself is toxic – it kills the healthy cells and causes death! So which is worse: killing healthy cells or killing the cancer cells? We think you know the answer.

The great thing about the Vitamin B17 is that it’s selective in its killing – it destroys sick, cancer cells but doesn’t harm the healthy ones.

What the Studies Say

In the past, studies conducted by Sloan-Kettering showed that Laetrile:

  • Inhibits the growth of tumors
  • Stops the spreading of cancer
  • Relieves pain related to cancer
  • Improves overall health

Nowadays, FDA thinks that Vitamin B17 is “toxic” and cannot be considered as an effective anti-cancer treatment.

The thing is, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence all over the internet about the power of this vitamin: many people have managed to cure themselves by consuming Vitamin B17.

Foods Containing Vitamin B17

Apricots -or rather the seeds of apricots – contain Vitamin B17. You can either gather the seeds of this fruit or buy them from a place that manufacturers them for cancer treatment. The third option includes supplements of Vitamin B 17.

These can be eaten as a prevention food, or as a straight-up anti-cancer agent.

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