Top 7 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Good for Diabetics

Healthy, readily available, cheap and delicious, sweet potatoes are great for everyone, including diabetic people. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes are incredibly healthy, filling and can even help you regulate your blood sugar levels.

Here is why.

1.    High in Fiber

Although sweet potatoes are high in carbohydrates, they’re also high in dietary fiber, which helps slow the breakdown of carbs, thereby preventing blood sugar spikes. Also, studies have shown that both type 1 and type 2 diabetics have lower blood sugar levels and improved insulin levels when they consume high-fiber diets.

2.    Low on the GI scale

Sweet potatoes are low on the glycemic index (GI) scale, which is great news for diabetics. Foods with a low GI have much less of an immediate impact on blood sugar levels, thereby helping control the blood glucose levels.

3.    High in vitamin A

In just one medium sweet potato, there is over 400% of your daily vitamin A requirement. Talk about a nutritional punch! Vitamin A is important for a number of body functions, including vision, the immune system and our overall health.

4.    High in Potassium

An alarmingly large number of people is deficient in potassium, which, among other things, helps keep a healthy blood pressure. Also, studies have also shown that high potassium intake is associated with a lower risk of dying from all causes.

5.    Good Source of Vitamin D

Sweet potatoes are a very good source of vitamin D which plays a crucial role in all body functions, including the regulation of blood glucose levels. Studies have found that people with insulin resistance and diabetes tend to have lower vitamin D levels and that increasing them leads to better results.

6.    Good Source of Vitamin C

While most people know that vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, many don’t realize that sweet potatoes are actually full of it too. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system, accelerates wound healing, is great for skin and even for cancer prevention.

7.    Good Source of Choline

Choline is a highly versatile nutrient: it helps with learning and memory, sleep, muscle movement, reduces chronic inflammation (particularly important for diabetics), helps with stress, etc. Choline can be found in eggs, but sweet potatoes are a great source too.


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