Spend Just 6 Minutes Every Day and Lose Your Belly Fat

People are confused when it comes to body parts like ‘core’ and ‘abs’. These words has totally different meaning but most of the people don’t know about it. ‘Core’ muscle group covers larger group of muscles like lower back, hips, abs and glutes. This muscle group supports rest of the body parts and maintain proper body posture.

If you want to improve your posture and eliminate some extra weight, there is great set of videos with exercises that can improve your athletic performance and deal with your back pain. Watch the videos below and feel the benefits.

Day One

Spend 5 minutes for each of the following three exercises. If you want better results, repeat them twice.

  • Exercise 1: Skyscrapers (do 10 on each side)
  • Exercise 2: Windshield Wipers (do 10 on each side)
  • Exercise 3: Army Crawls (make 36 steps)

Day Two

Same as previous, do the following four exercises for 5 minutes per exercise. For better results repeat them twice.

  • Exercise 1: Break-dancer (do 15 on each side)
  • Exercise 2: Skydiver (stay in this position for 30 seconds)
  • Exercise 3: Dead Bug (repeat it 10 times)
  • Exercise 4: Thread the Needle (do 10 on each side)

Day Three

Next set of exercises contains 4 very intensive and difficult exercises. Each exercise will take you up to 6 minutes.

  • Exercise 1: Crab kicks into Superman (do 6 on each side)
  • Exercise 2: Star leg raise (do 10 on each side)
  • Exercise 3: Side V-ups (do 10 on each side)
  • Exercise 4: Over/under (do 10 on each side)


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