Safety Tips to Lose 12 Pounds in Just Few Weeks

If you are one of those people who want to lose weight either for health issues or to look better for this summer, then we can suggest you some tips and tricks that can help you a lot in fighting against your weight on safe and quick way.

If you are dedicated enough and follow our recommendations strictly, than you should lose about 12 pounds in a month (which is about 3 pounds a week) on safe way!


Paying attention to your diet is the best Investment that you can give to yourself-it will shape on your weight, as well as your overall health. For this reason, it is important to follow a clean, nutritious and healthy diet.

What should you eat: Fresh, vibrant vegetables, healthy fats and protein. Fruit is also recommended (but not in large amounts).

When we are talking about carbs, you can take complex and nutrient-dense foods, but stay away from simple and refined carbs. Eat lot of vegetables during the season, oily fish, lean protein as well as some good fats like: olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and nuts. From time to time you can take whole oats and whole grains, but don’t overdo it. The same rule is for the fruits, too: have some fruit every day but in moderation.

What you shouldn’t eat: simple and refined carbs, fruit juices, sugar and sugar-laden beverages including coffee, energy drinks, etc.

The important thing is excluding sugar and refined carbs out of your diet.  The sugar Is present in every processed food around us, so we recommend you to avoid those completely. Instead, you can take a piece or two of fruit or make some homemade dessert with stevia.


Physical activity on a daily basis is extremely important when it comes to your overall health, but it’s even more important if you want to lose some weight.

DO: exercise something that will improve your cardio (every day or every other day) – this includes jogging, dancing, tennis or whatever works for you. However, don’t forget to include weight training too. They will help you lose some fat (but not muscles) and make you stronger and in general better-looking.

DON’T: go overboard with fitness. People think that if you exercise twice a day (everyday), they’ll lose their weight faster. This might sound true, but you can deplete your adrenals which can result with adrenal fatigue. So, instead of feeling energetic and healthy, you will end up feeling tired, sluggish and unable to shed that couple of pounds.

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