Relieve Pains and Aches With These Mudra Gestures

Traditional medicine provides variety of techniques when it comes to aches and pains. Instead of using painkillers and medications, practicing some of the traditional approaches like yoga, meditation or acupuncture can be really effective and helpful for dealing with your pain.

These methods are very useful, but have you ever heard about Mudra technique? It is technique which is based on set of hand gestures that directly stimulates different parts of your brain and relieves pains and aches.

If you want to relieve your pain as soon as possible, just follow these 8 mudra gestures and practice them regularly:


If your mood is on low level then practice this gesture. It removes laziness, increase creativity and air element and boosts your enthusiasm.


This gesture prevents and fights against anxiety and decrease the air element.


Thid gesture boosts your space element and it is great for dealing with fear, rage and sadness.


This mudra gesture relieves ear pain and reduces the space element.

Prithvi Mudra

If you are feeling tired and have sore muscles, then it is perfect exercise for you. This gesture increases the earth element and lowers the fire element.


This mudra gesture works totally opposite of the previous gesture. It is really helpful if you have problems with your thyroid gland.


This gesture increases the eater element. Also it is great for reducing arthritis, cramps and pain in the joints.


It is opposite from the previous mudra gesture. Jal-shaamak reduce runny nose, watery eyes and excessive sweating.

These exercises are simple and easy and you can practice them everywhere. There are no side effects and will gain so much from it.

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