Reduce Your Blood Pressure With This 5-Minute Technique

High blood pressure is so common today that most people struggle with it – including the younger generations too! The cause? Stressful lifestyle, but also smoking, lack of sleep, alcohol intake, etc.

However, stress still remains number one culprit. When we’re stressed out, our muscles become stiff and strained, leading the blood vessels to constrict. This in turn often leads to high blood pressure. It makes sense then that in order to reduce and normalize our blood pressure, we need to relax and let our muscles relax too.

According to Lu Hens, who is a doctor at the Spartak football club in Moscow, there is a simple, quick remedy that originates from ancient Chinese medicine that can normalize blood pressure.

5-Minute Blood Pressure Stabilizing Technique

This old remedy can effectively reduce high blood pressure in just 5 minutes. How? By regulating your blood flow.

Blood stagnation or poor blood flow can lead to various diseases, ceirtainly including high blood pressure. According to Dr. Hens, this technique brings back proper blood flow to the tissues and muscles, including your heart. Wondering how to do it? By massaging certain body parts, or “points”.

Here is how.

1.    Point 1-2

This point is actually a line, extending from behind the earlobe to the middle of the clavicle. This point shouldn’t really be massaged but touched. With your fingertips, tap the line from top to bottom. Repeat 10 times on both sides.

2.    Point 3

This point is located at the earlobe and extends to the nose. It should be massaged, so start by gently massaging it for 60 seconds with your fingertips. Make sure you massage both points (on right and left side of your face).

The technique is said to normalize blood pressure immediately after you finish the massage, so make sure you do it regularly.


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