Put Butter in Your Coffee and Lose Few Pounds in a Week


This beverage is very unusual combination of ingredients, but it is great and effective way to cut some extra fat.

Butter and coconut oil include nutrients that are very healthy for our body, but they are not included with the traditional way of preparing coffee. This beverage is very addictive, once you taste, you will never back to the traditional way of preparing coffee.

The procedure of preparing this recipe is very easy and simple. Just, prepare your coffee on the standard way and add some butter or coconut oil while it’s hot.

You can follow different approach, but the result will be the same. Put the coconut oil or butter in a pot and let it melt on a medium heat then add the liquid fat to your hot coffee. Mix the solution in a blender until you get unified mixture.

Drink this solution early in the morning as a replacement for your first meal. It will speed up your metabolism and suppress your need for additional food.

This is really healthy way of preparing coffee and beneficial when it comes to different health issues like: development of germs, mouth odor, type 2 diabetes. Also, it will boost your brain functions and maintain your fat levels.


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