Protect Yourself of Diabetes Damage with Broccoli Treatment

Have you ever heard that damaged blood vessels can be recovered to it’s previous condition by consuming broccoli? It sounds crazy, but it’s true. There is compound present in this vegetable called sulforaphane that dealing with damaged blood vessels and repair them.

Diabetes is one of the most common health issues in the modern era of living. When sugar levels and cholesterol go out of control then there is great possibility of damaged blood vessels, especially those vessels that transport blood to the brain.

To cope with diabetes you need to change and adopt your lifestyle according to your health condition. Eat right food, exercise, avoid smoking and keep blood sugar levels under control.

According to the statistics, 5% of the Europeans have diabetes, while in US the situation is even worse (9.3% of the whole population). There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 (when the patients have to take insulin) and Type 2 (patients don’t take insulin, but follow special diet).

Diabetes Type 1 is very specific condition and needs to be treated carefully. Before you going to try any natural approach please consult with your doctor.

We providing to you natural treatment discovered by the American explorer Dr. Anderson that it’s great for treating diabetes and controlling you blood sugar level. It’s mainly based on broccoli with strict regime of consuming this vegetable.

Boil a liter of water and 300-500 grams of broccoli for 5 minutes every morning. Half of this beverage drinks on an empty stomach, and the other half in the evening. For lunch, try broccoli and strewn teaspoon of cinnamon. Repeat this treatment for 21 days. With this treatment, there comes a significant reduction of blood sugar.

There are even additional 53 plants in the traditional medicine that have amazing ability of reduce blood sugar levels. The most popular are: dried husk of corns (lat. Zea Mays), wall germander (lat. Teucrium chamaedrys) and dried pods of beans.


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