Numerous Ways to Use Vaseline: Health, Beauty and Other Uses

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a cheap cosmetic product with numerous great uses. It can help you grow thicker lashes and nails, it can protect and moisturize your skin, it can soothe and heal any irritation, it can even clean and shine your shoes! Indeed, the practical uses of vaseline are diverse and numerous. Today, we’re going to share the many ways you can use this common household product.

For Beauty

  1. Use Vaseline as a moisturizer for hands
  2. Get thicker and longer eyelashes
  3. Soften and moisturize the skin around your eyes
  4. Get thicker eyebrows
  5. Moisturize your lips
  6. Get rid of dry elbows
  7. Soften and moisturize your feet
  8. Soothe sunburn
  9. Grow longer and stronger nails
  10. Moisturize dry skin
  11. Get rid of frizzy hair
  12. Remove makeup

For Health

  1. Use Vaseline to get rid of dandruff
  2. Improve eczema and other skin conditions
  3. Soothe insect bites
  4. Use it to combat athletes foot
  5. Use it as a massaging balm to loosen up tight muscles
  6. Protect new tattoos
  7. Soothe razor burns and bumps

Other Uses

  1. Use Vaseline to clean and polish leather shoes
  2. Lubricate door hinges
  3. Add shine to your leather bags
  4. Add shine to bronze sculptures and statues
  5. Remove rings easily by applying some vaseline to fingers first

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