What NOT to Eat During Your Period


Although a completely normal and natural thing that no healthy woman can escape, periods can be quite uncomfortable and painful. On top of that, they usually come with mood swings and food cravings, not to mention cramps and breakouts.

The good news is that most of these effects can be managed or even completely avoided simply by making some adjustments to your diet, or to put it simply, by staying away from certain foods during your period (and right before).

Here are things you should avoid consuming:

1.    Caffeine

Consuming lots of caffeine during your period is not a good idea because caffeine narrows the blood vessels and leads to dehydration, which in turn can worsen agitated moods, menstrual pain, headaches, and if consumed in large amounts, can even lead to irregular periods. However, you don’t have to give up your morning cup of coffee during your period: just go for a decaffeinated one.

2.    Sugar

Consuming sugary foods and beverages leads to blood sugar spikes, which feel great in the beginning, but then, as your blood sugar levels crash, lead to grumpiness, irritation and lethargy. Instead of consuming processed sugary foods, opt for fresh fruits. Also, a bit of dark chocolate (low sugar content, more than 75% of cocoa) is okay.

3.    Processed Foods

Processed foods such as ready meals and canned goods contain large amounts of sodium, which can worsen bloating and cramps. On top of that, processed foods can also dehydrate you, leading to headaches, breakouts and low energy levels. Instead, if you want a quick snack, go for unsalted nuts such as macadamia nuts, almonds or walnuts.


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