No More Garlic Rich in Pesticides and Heavy Metals, Grow Organic Garlic at Your Home

If you want to consume organic food and to be sure that it’s not treated with pesticides and herbicides, then it’s right time to learn how to grow your own plants. Today we will show you how to grow garlic on your balcony or garden.

Garlic is perfect plant to be grown at your home, because it not need much space and care. You just need a pot and a little soil.


Take some pot which is 20 cm deep and make holes to the bottom for drainage. If there is excess of water, this plant will form fungi. So drainage is essential if you want your project to end up with success.


Take any kind of garlic and separate it’s cloves, but don’t peel them. Fill the container with 1-2 cm of soil from the bottom of the pot.

Garlic cloves have to be covered with 10 cm of soil and distance of 8-10 cm between them. Position the cloves with the pointed part facing up.

Position the container on sunny place because this is plant that needs warm environment.

Add some water on regular day intervals, but be careful with the quantity because it can lead to rotting.

After 8-10 months your garlic is ready for harvesting. After removing the garlic heads from the pot, leave them in a dry place for a week.

Now your organic garlic is ready for consuming.

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