INTROVERTS- What Are They And Are They Really That Bad?

When it comes to human personality, we can divide people in two major categories- introverts and extroverts. These categories are completely opposite. While the first one tend to turn inward mentally and avoid people because that way they are more energized, the other ones finds their energy in interactions with other people.

But is it bad to be introvert, like everybody thought? We present you 5 special personality traits that this group has.

  1. They’re Extremely Loyal

You won’t find them hanging out with large group of people or lining up for any club opening. They prefer trustworthy and meaningful friendship. So, if you have a friend that prefers spending their time alone, you can be sure that this person will be always there for you.

  1. They’re Open to New Ideas

Surprise! Just because they want to spend their time alone doesn’t mean that they are not open-minded and ready for new and exciting things in their life. The thing is, they want to spend time alone before getting involved into a highly social activity.

  1. They Have a Level Head

Introverts spend enough time on their own thinking of problems and ideas, which allows them to develop strong sense of self and confidence. From their perspective, spending time alone is way to recharge instead of bothering with distractions.

  1. They Understand the Value of Time (Yours and Theirs)

This group of people understand and cherishes the value of time. In order to function at their highest level, introverts put their time on first place and don’t waste it for things that are not worth it.

  1. They Exercise Strong Boundaries

All the time spent alone allows introverts to think about the things that motivate them as well as about what works for them and what doesn’t. These people build very strong boundaries and exercise them in a healthy and clear way.


Introverts are considered to be more successful because of the following reasons:


  • They make smart decisions
  • They solve problems effectively
  • Studies show that introverts are more focused
  • By spending time alone and thinking clearly, introverts are actually improving their productivity
  • They cherish the simple things of life
  • They understand who they are
  • They are more creative (living live without distractions affect our thoughts in a good way)
  • They suffer less from anxiety (spending time alone will clear your mind of negative thoughts)

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