How to Grow and Take Care of Johnny Jump Up Flowers

Johnny Jump Up, one of the most beautiful, tender flowers that exist, are actually easy to grow and maintain. These exquisite tiny flowers will beautify and perk up any garden or a window sill, so they’re the perfect flowers to grow even as a beginner.

How to Grow Johnny Jump Up

Johnny Jump Up is best sown in the spring. Just buy the seeds, cover them with about eight inches of soil, water them frequently and keep them warm.

Because these flowers love the sunlight, it’s best to plant them in a position that is full sun to partial shade. Johnny Jump Up flowers take a while to germinate, about a week or longer, so be patient. It’s important to keep the seeds well-watered until full germination.

You can also encourage faster growth by feeding the soil with an organic fertilizer with before you plant the seeds. And to support prolonged blooming, water the plants with a liquid fertilizer every three to four weeks.


How to Take Care of Johnny Jump Up

Johnny Jump Up blooms wonderfully – from early spring all the way through the fall. But to make sure your flowers bloom continuously, make sure you deadhead them regularly.

As mentioned, these flowers love sunshine, so make sure they get plenty of it. However, it’s important to note that Johnny Jump Up can also get too much of sunlight – full sun all day long (especially during summer) can make your flowers wilt and dry up. To avoid this, water them frequently  – just water around the plant to keep it cool, well-fed and moist. Still, it’s also important not to over-water the flowers so that its soil doesn’t become soggy.

To keep your Johhny Jump Up healthy, make sure you remove pests that like to feast on its flowers and leaves – in particular, snails and slugs. Remove the pests whenever you see them and try to lure them away from your flowers.

If you do notice an infected plant, remove it to keep the adjacent plants healthy.

Hint: Johnny Jump Up is one of the rare edible flowers. You can pick its blooms, wash them and add them to your salads. Try it, they’re full of beneficial nutrients, vitamins and some minerals!


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