Grow a Jade Plant in Your Home and Attract Positive Energy, Wealth and Prosperity

Crassula Ovata, commonly known as Jade plant, lucky plant or money plant, is a succulent plant native to South Africa. This beautiful plant is one of the most popular houseplants worldwide for a reason – it is said it attracts positive energy, good luck, money and prosperity.

Having houseplants does not only wonders for attractive interior designs, but for your health and productivity too. Many indoor plants:

  • Clean the air and improve its quality and actually assist in breathing;
  • Deter illnesses and help in healing;
  • Help us de-stress and create a feeling of well-being;
  • Lower background noise and help us work better.

So, if you love plants, we have a suggestion for you: have lots of good indoor plants and watch your health and productivity improve. To top it off, definitely include a Jade plant into your collection – not only will you include a beautiful succulent into your plant collection, you may actually attract a better life!

Jade Plant

According to Feng Shui and many Eastern teachers, all living and non-living things pulse with life force – Chi. For this reason, everything we put in our homes will have an effect on us. This definitely includes plants too – they can actually attract more Chi energy and therefore bring health and prosperity to you and your family.

Jade plant is a well-known symbol of good luck. With its beautiful white and pink flowers, this decorative plant will not only improve your interior and clean the air in your home, but will also attract Chi (positive energy). It really should be a part of everyone’s houseplant collection.

Jade plant adapts very well to different interiors. Because of this, it’s also a great housewarming gift – when you give Crassula Ovata to someone, you wish them health, fortune and prosperity.

Besides growing it in your own home, you can also grow this plant in your office- Jade plant may bring you a great financial blessing.


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