Get a Strong, Sculpted Body With 4 Minutes 28 Days Challenge

If you’d like a stronger, more toned, better looking body but you don’t have the time necessary to spend in the gym, try the 4 minutes, 28 days challenge! This proven method has already been successfully tried and tested by thousands of people worldwide. If you accept the challenge, all you have to do is spend a few seconds and then a few minutes of your day doing a plank for 28 days. That’s it!

The Challenge

The 4 minutes, 28 days challenge strengthens the inner and outer muscles of the back, buttocks, legs and of course, the abdomen. It also strengthens the posture, making you appear more confident. This is because planks are one of the best exercises for the whole body, especially the middle part. They’re actually quite similar to push ups, as the muscles contract in a similar way.

The challenge consists of a gradual increase of time spent doing the plank for 28 days. First, you start with only 20 seconds and then you gradually increase the time doing the exercise.

The most important thing here is that you do the plank correctly: once you’re on your elbows and toes, your upper body should form a straight line. Breathing deeply is also a must – breathe with the muscles of your stomach.

How to Do it

  1. DAY 1-20 SECONDS
  2. DAY 2-20 SECONDS
  3. DAY 3- 30 SECONDS
  4. DAY 4- 30 SECONDS
  5. DAY 5-40 SECONDS
  6. DAY 6-REST
  7. DAY 7-45 SECONDS
  8. DAY 8-45 SECONDS
  9. DAY 9 60 SECONDS
  10. DAY 10-60 SECONDS
  11. DAY 11-60 SECONDS
  12. DAY 12- 90 SECONDS
  13. DAY 13- REST
  14. DAY 14-90 SECONDS
  15. DAY 15-90 SECONDS
  16. DAY 16- 120 SECONDS
  17. DAY 17-120 SECONDS
  18. DAY 18-150 SECONDS
  19. DAY 19- REST
  20. DAY 20- 150 SECONDS
  21. DAY 21-150 SECONDS
  22. DAY 22-180 SECONDS
  23. DAY 23-180 SECONDS
  24. DAY 24- 210 SECONDS
  25. DAY 25-REST
  26. DAY 26-210 SECONDS
  27. DAY 27-240 SECONDS
  28. DAY 28- hold as much as possible

So, for instance, on day 1, you need to hold the correct form and breathe properly while doing the plank for 20 seconds. On day 9, you need to do the same thing for 1 minute.



They can not do this challenge people with serious health problems and column deviations.

Hypertensive heart disease also should not practice it.


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