Get Rid of Lipomas (Fatty Tissue) Naturally and Avoid Surgery

A lipoma, fatty tissue or benign tumor is essentially a clump of accumulated fat cells that can appear anywhere on the body. These fat cells grow just below the surface of the skin and can remain the same size for years, or grow slowly. Although they’re harmless, they can bothersome and aesthetically unpleasing, so many people opt for removing them. To avoid surgery, first try removing these benign tumors with a completely safe and natural remedy.

Lipomas Symptoms

Because they appear right underneath the skin, lipomas can actually be felt: they have a soft, rubbery consistency and can actually be moved a few millimeters underneath the skin.

Although they normally don’t cause pain, if they grow on sensitive areas they can feel uncomfortable, especially if touched. For this and aesthetic reasons, many people go under the knife to remove lipomas. The problem is, sometimes the surgery can leave a noticeable scar, which can be as unappealing as the lipoma itself. To avoid this, try a simple home remedy for getting rid of lipomas first.

Natural Remedy for Lipomas

To prepare this remedy, you only need two ingredients: honey and aloe vera. It’s said that the combination of these ingredients can shrink lipomas over a course of a few weeks, so be patient and consistent with its use.


  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey
  • 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

Just mix the two ingredients together and transfer them into a small jar that you’ll keep in the fridge.


  • Massage the remedy on the affected area(s), leaving a thick layer of the solution on the skin.
  • Cover with a bandage or wrap with a plastic.
  • Leave it on overnight and make sure you apply the remedy every night for at least a week before you access the situation.

Tip: while using the remedy, consume some turmeric daily. Turmeric reduces inflammation, supports detoxification and can help prevent multiplication of fat cells.


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