Feng Shui Tips to Boost Happiness and Vitality at Your Home

Home is the place when we spend most of our time and it’s an extension of who we are. We can have an impact on our happiness by adjusting the tiny little habits and routines that are going on inside our homes.

Here are some of the most common Feng Shui mistakes you can make!

Keep the exercising machines and working equipment away from your bedroom

Bedroom is place for intimacy and relaxation, not for hard work and exercise. Keeping your computer, TV and other electrical devices in your bedroom will result in having hard time to relax, no atmosphere of intimacy and peace destruction. Move everything that takes your attention from your bedroom and you’ll see the difference.

Don’t allow for chaos to happen.

Newspapers, books, magazines, dirty laundry and bunch of toys that sat for ages in your home and collect dust can give you a sense of feeling emotionally and physically “down”. Take care of your home more often, and keep it neat and clean to feel free, healthy and full of energy.

Full, untidy and unorganized closets

Closets, just like your own room, have their own capacity. If you left some of your clothes forgotten in your closet for season or two, you should get rid of them! If you don’t want to throw them, make somebody happy and give them away. You should empty at least a third from your closet- this is place for something new in your life. Keep you closets tidy and sorted, all the time!

Empty and lifeless walls

Lifeless and empty walls can make huge influence in your everyday mood. Spend some time in arranging them. You can add some art elements that can inspire you or make you more creative. In case you don’t have enough money, use something like posters, flyers, interesting wallpapers etc.

Don’t leave the toilet seat cover opened

This has been discussed among the women for many years, and there is a good reason for it- your toilet is something that can remove good things from your life. Break that habit and close your toilet seat cover when not using it. You should also close your bathroom doors.

Clean your windows

Windows are a symbol of your fame and reputation. When the glass is clean and shiny, the environment will get to see your ability and talent, so it will support you and respect you. When they are dirty and muggy, these golden chances will simply pass you by.

You ignore creaking

The sound of creaking doors (whether it is room or closet doors) is always a sign that you are adamant. Fix this problem with few drops of special oil or wax and the annoying sound will be gone. This will show that you are ready and open for new possibilities.

You don’t cook often

Your kitchen is the core of your home- if you are not using it, all spheres of your life can suffer. If you cook at your home more frequently, you’ll become happier and healthier person. If the modern lifestyle doesn’t allow you this and you are always in a lack of time, try to at least turn on the oven once a day for coffee or tea. This generates warmth and vitality.

You live with unnecessary things

Get rid of unwanted gifts and things that don’t belong with the overall design of your house. You can give them to someone else or store them somewhere they won’t bother you. This is how you will free yourself from the chains from the past and move on.


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