What The Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health

Believe it or not, the color of your urine can tell you a lot about the state of your current health. In fact, human urine has been a useful tool for diagnosis since ancient times – its color, density and smell can reveal much about a person’s health.

Your Health and the Color Of Your Urine

Urine is mostly composed of water (95%) with an addition of urea, salts, ammonia, proteins, etc. Its composition largely depends on what you’ve drank and eaten but also on what you’ve breathed and been exposed to.

Since doctors themselves recommend to keep an eye on your own pee from time to time, try to heed this useful advice.



This color indicates that you’re drinking too much water. Try to cut back a little.


Light Yellow

This is a normal, well-hydrated urine. Keep at it.

Medium Yellow

This is also a normal urine, however, you may want to up your water intake a little.

Dark Yellow

This is a sign your body is dehydrated – drink water immediately and make sure you’re drinking enough in the future.


This is usually a sign of bladder infection or even kidney stones. It’s best to get it checked.


This color of urine can be due to a food dye or serious dehydration. There could also be a problem with your liver or a bile condition.


If you’ve recently eaten beats or blueberries, this is why your urine has turned pink. However, if you’re sure you haven’t eaten any reddish foods, see a doctor. This color of urine could be a sign of kidney disease, UTI, prostate problems or even tumors.


This color can indicate several things: severe dehydration, liver disease, kidney disease. Certain medications can also turn your urine brown.

Blue or Green

Yes, these colors of urine actually exist. Usually, this is harmless – food dyes can be a culprit and a lot of junk foods, as well as certain medications. However, there is a rare genetic disease that can turn your urine blue or green, so if it persists – get it checked.


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