Cleanse Your Liver With Raisin Water In Just 2 Days!

Main function of the liver is integration of proteins and cleansing the blood from poison. Most common issues related with this organ can be: hepatitis A, B and C, cirrhosis, and fatty liver. It is organ which can be reestablished subsequent to being cut.

Raisin water is great solution if you want to cleanse your liver and keep it healthy. Just include this remedy to your diet and feel the benefits of it.

How do you prepare Raisin Water?

In a medium pot add 3 cups of water and a cup of black raisins. Put the pot on medium heat, and boil the content for 2 minutes. Cover the pot and let the raisins stay for about 24 hours. This beverage can be consumed warm or cold, it’s according to your taste.

After two days of consuming, you will feel positive results. It is recommended this drink to be consumed for period of one week.

Important: Avoid fatty acids and alcohol during this treatment.

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