Your Body Does Not Need Energy Drinks – Read The Facts About It

People want to be productive especially the students always searching for solutions that will give them more energy and productiveness. Energy drinks are great when it comes suppressing your need for sleeping and making extra effort during the night.

But, most of the people are not aware that energy drinks can raise the risk of getting heart attack or stroke. 

What Is Red Bull Doing to Our Body

According to the Red Bull company their drink provides same nutritive values as soda drink or coffee. Same effect can be reached with equal amount of caffeine taken from the coffee or black tea, along with high amounts of artificial sweeteners that provides instant energy.

After drinking one can of Red Bull your blood becomes sticky and your cardiovascular system will act same as you have some cardiovascular issue.

The benefits and side effects of using coffee are well known, but the effects of taking Red Bull ingredients into our body is still not precisely determined.

Energy drinks increase cravings and your lethargy for one more can thanks to the neurotoxin called aspartame. This neurotoxin has metabolic, fetal and carcinogenic properties.

Some Countries Have Banned These Beverages

According to the Dr. Mercola, last year were sold around 3.5 billion cans of Red Bull in 143 countries.

Today, people buying more energy drinks compared with water. Thanks to this statistics, many countries have banned production and importing of energy drinks, because of the side effects that energy drinks can cause.

These three countries: Denmark, Uruguay, and Norway have banned Red Bull, while in Kuwait it’s illegal for kids under 16.

Energy Drinks and the Risk of Heart Attack

There is a research which was conducted on 15 healthy participants with undefined energy drink with chemical structure similar to the other energy drinks. They were drinking 2 cans (500 ml) daily for a week.

At the beginning they were having increased blood pressure levels by 8% and by the end of the week that percent were increased up to 10%.

It was same and little worse with the heart rate of the participants. At the beginning of the trail, participants were having increased heart rate by 8% and by the end of the week it reached 11%.

These symptoms can lead to increased risk of heart attack. Also, it can cause stroke, blood clots, artery damage and at the end it can result with heart attack.

What’s In the Energy Drinks?

Main ingredients of the energy drinks are caffeine, taurine, sweeteners and lot of carbonation.

There is study conducted on 13 people that were drinking energy drinks during and after their exercises.

People were divided into two groups. First group were drinking energy drink with taurine, while the other group energy drink without taurine.

Results show increased stroke volume after drinking energy drink with taurine, which means increased volume of blood that go in and out of the heart.


It increases the risk for getting heart attack and definitely you need to exclude energy drinks while you are exercising.


Who Is at High Risk?

Energy drinks supports blood clotting, increased heart rate and hypertension. People with these symptoms is highly recommended to avoid energy drinks:

  • Hypertension
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Caffeine sensitivity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stress
  • Blood clotting disorder
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers

Improve Your Energy Naturally

Energy drinks are not needed if you want to increase your energy levels. Introduce more healthy fats, like omega-3 and eliminate sugar and grains from your diet. If you have stressful lifestyle, then practice regular exercises.

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