Beer Lover? Here are 10 Good Reasons to Continue Drinking It!

Did you know that one of the oldest and most popular alcoholic beverages in the world – beer – is not only tasty and fun to drink, but healthy too? It’s true, beer is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and can actually prevent certain diseases. If consumed in moderate amounts, beer will not only cheer you up, but improve your health too!

1.    Good for Kidney Health

A recent study has found that, among alcoholic beverages, beer is the best for kidney health. In fact, drinking beer in moderate amounts can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%!

2.    Rich in Nutrients

Beer is rich in B vitamins, including B1, B2, B6 and B12. It’s also high in fiber, antioxidants and flavonoids.

3.    Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Drinking beer can help you lower your bad cholesterol, or LDL. This is probably due to its high fiber and no sugar content.

4.    Good for Bones

Some studies have shown that high levels f silicon in beer can protect against bone diseases and actually contribute to higher bone density.

5.    Reduces Risk for Heart Disease

Drinking beer can reduce your risk for heart disease, including heart attacks. According to studies, beer lovers have a 40% to 60% reduced risk of heart disease.

6.    Prevents Blood Clots

Apparently, drinking beer can prevent blood clots. It’s not known whether a single ingredient in beer is responsible for this, or a combination of.

7.    Reduces Tension and Stress

Having a glass of beer a day can actually reduce work-related stress and tension and help you feel more relaxed.

8.    Cures Insomnia

Compounds called lactoflavin and nicotinic acid which are present in beer can promote sleep. So, if you suffer from insomnia, try having a glass of beer before bed.

9.    Boosts Brain Health

Who would say that drinking beer could reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s? Several studies. Drinking beer also improves long-term memory.

10.    Great for Skin and Hair

The vitamins present in beer are great news for your skin and hair. B vitamins help skin regenerate quicker and hair grow faster.


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