Abdominal Pain: Location, Meaning and Potential Causes

Abdominal pain, bellyache, stomach pain… call it what you will, the unpleasant feeling and discomfort remain. There can be numerous potential reasons as to why one experiences stomach pain, including food just eaten or even stress.

To find the cause of your abdominal pain, look at its location: is it in the lower center? Upper left? Wherever it is, it can help you get to the root of the problem.


If you experience pain in the center of your stomach, it can be due to inflammation of appendicitis or even pancreatitis.

Middle Left

Pain in the middle left area of the stomach may indicate an infection of some sort or kidney stones.

Middle Right

If the pain is located in the middle right area of your stomach you may have a kidney problem. Another less serious cause may be constipation.

Lower Left

If you experience cramps or any kind of pain in the lower left area of your stomach, the problem could be a combination of digestive issues (it could also be the food you ate).  If you’re a woman, it could also be your left ovary (cyst or inflammation).

Lower Center

Pain in this area indicates that you may have a urinary tract infection, or if you’re a woman, reproductive health issues such as fibroids. Pain in the lower center area may also indicate an Irritable Bowel Syndrom.

Lower Right Side

Pain in the lower right side of the stomach may indicate several health problems: strained muscle, right ovary inflammation or cyst or even appendicitis.

Upper Center

If you experience pain just above your navel, you could have a problem with your esophagus. On a less serious note, pain could also be caused by acid reflux.

Upper left

This pain could be caused by an ulcer or a spleen problem (such as an enlarged spleen). However, if you experience severe, sharp pain, it could be due to gallstones stuck in your bile duct.

Upper Right

Pain in the upper right area of the abdomen can be caused by stomach ulcers, gastritis or even pancreatitis.

Note: Wherever the location of your stomach pain is, it’s always best to visit your doctor and get an appropriate therapy.


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