7 Surprising Benefits of Cold Showers

Is there anything better than taking a nice, hot shower after a long, stressful day? Yes, taking a cold shower.

Cold showers have multiple surprising health benefits, which you too can reap if you start practicing them. Here are some of them.

1.    Great for Skin and Hair

Unlike hot showers, cold showers are actually great for your skin and hair. Cold water reduces skin inflammation, tightens the pores and closes our hair shaft. If you need more convincing, know that hot showers can aggravate acne, promote inflammation and dry out your skin, not to mention your hair.

2.    Boosts The Immune System

Cold showers can lead to better blood circulation, which is great news for our organs, heart and skin. Ultimately, it is great for our immune system too, as it boosts our overall health. Furthermore, taking cold showers can help you decrease your blood pressure.

3.    Increases Alertness

Taking a cold shower right after you wake up can clear your mind, sharpen your focus and increase alertness. Deep breathing during the cold shower can further improve your mental and health state, as your heart rate will increase, releasing a rush of blood throughout your entire body.

4.    Reduces Stress

Here’s one more reason to take a cold shower after a long, stressful day: studies have shown that swimming in cold water can increase our tolerance to stress and even disease.

5.    Aids in Weight Loss

This is probably the most surprising benefit of taking cold showers: as our body adapts to cold showers, a funny thing happens: brown fat – the good kind of fat that protects us and our immune system – gets activated. This can, in turn, help us burn stubborn white fat – the bad kind, usually found around our waist line and belly – easier.

6.    Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

If your muscles are feeling sore and strained, take a cold shower. Cold showers are proven to relieve and speed up muscle recovery, which is why so many athletes take ice baths after their training.

7.    Eases Depression

Taking a cold shower can even fight depression. When cold water hits our skin, cold receptors send a huge amount of electrical impulses from our nerve endings to our brain, which has an antidepressive effect on our psyche.



One thought on “7 Surprising Benefits of Cold Showers

  • March 9, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    Cold showers early in the morning helps to wake me up and keeps me alert. But I’m really surprised that cold showers can help one to lose weight. Maybe I should be taking more cold showers in the future.


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