5 Things Most Women Do When They Are Cheating In a Relationship

Even the best relationships have their rocky moments, but discovering that the person you love has cheated on you? That is heartbreaking.

If you’re having doubts about your relationship, we’ve drawn up a list of 5 things most women do when they are cheating or thinking about cheating while in a relationship, so check it out.

1.    Sudden Interest in Your Routine

If your partner suddenly starts asking you questions about your routine but doesn’t actually want to spend more time together, it might be because she wants to set up a date with someone else.

2.    Constant Nagging

If your once easy-going partner is starting to nag you all the time, pointing at imperfections not only in your relationship but at you too, she might be looking for reasons to break up in order to be with someone else.

3.    An Unexpected Friend

If your girlfriend suddenly starts talking about or going out with a new, male friend, it’s time for a conversation. While it’s perfectly normal to have friends of the opposite sex, it’s fishy if a new friend is new but seems to spend a lot of time with your girlfriend.

4.    No Interest in Romance

Romance and physical intimacy are important in a relationship, and if your partner is not interested in any of those (dates, cuddling, kissing, etc.), it’s entirely possible she’s getting it elsewhere.

5.    Strange Phone-Behaviors

If your girlfriend had no problem making calls or answering messages in front of you before, but suddenly starts hiding while she’s taking over the phone or texting, it could be because she is indeed hiding something from you. Instead of snooping around to find out, try to have an honest conversation.


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