4 Easy and Effective Ways to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

There are thousands of products on the market which promising easy and fast hair growth results. But not all of them deliver the desired effect. People losing their confidence and they are discouraged. Follow the recipes below and stop your hair loss naturally.

Homemade Shampoo Additive

Mix equal quantities of:

  • lime peel
  • dried curry leaves
  • fenugreek seeds
  • shikakai,
  • green gram

and grind them finely.

Store and add this mixture of ingredients as additive for soap or shampoo.

Neem Leaves

Boil handful of neem leaves together with 4 cups of water. Let it cool down, filter the boiled content and rinse your hair.

Itchy Scalp

This recipe is perfect for itchy scalp and very easy to be prepared. Just blend papaya slices and pineapple in a mixer. Stir the mixture with a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar. Leave it for few minutes and rinse your hair.

Fenugreek Paste

Take fenugreek seeds ground and mix with some water. Let the viscosity of the mixture be like paste. Apply the paste on the affected parts of the scalp and let it to be soaked for 40 minutes and wash the hair. Do this treatment every morning for a month and results will be evident.

Source: myhealthbooster.com

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