3 Ways to Detect Fake Honey at Home

Packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, it’s no wonder honey is called liquid gold – it’s one of the healthiest foods in the world. But to get all the nutrients this health-bomb contains, we need to consume the real deal.

Believe it or not, not all honey is made the same. In fact, most of the honey you can find at supermarkets is not real honey, but impure at best and fake honey at worst.

Fake Honey vs Real Honey

Real, raw, unpasteurized honey contains 27 minerals, 22 amino acids and 5000 enzymes. Real honey is highly rich in antioxidants and contains bee pollen and propolis thanks to which it offers numerous health benefits. To qualify as the real deal, honey should:

  • Come directly from the cells of honeycombs,
  • Should contain pollen/propolis,
  • Not be pasteurized,
  • Not be heated above 95 degrees,
  • Be free of any additives.

As for the fake, commercial honey, it’s really no better than table sugar. This type of honey offers no real health benefits and contains almost none of the nutrients the real honey contains. This is because fake honey is heavily processed, heated and filtered. It may also contain additives.

How to Detect Fake Honey

There are three simple ways you can detect honey right at your own home.

  1. Water Test

Fill a glass with water and add one tablespoon of honey into it. If the honey dissolves, you’ve got fake honey. Real honey should settle at the bottom of the glass and stay there.

  1. Fire Test

Because real, raw honey is flammable, you can easily check the purity of your honey with fire. Just take a matchstick and dip it into the honey; then strike that match on the matchbox. If the matchstick lights with ease and continues to burn, you’ve got real honey. Fake honey contains moisture, so it won’t light.

  1. Thumb Test

This is the simplest test. Just put a drop of honey on your thumb and wait. If it spills or spreads around easily, it’s not the real, unfiltered honey. If it stays intact or almost intact, it’s the real deal.


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