3 Piriformis Stretches to Relieve Symptoms of Sciatica and Lower Back Pain

Most people have experienced lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain or hip pain at least once in their life. Unfortunately, many people suffer from all of these issues most of the time. For them, even everyday lifestyle activities can become a burden. To help with this issue, we have gathered three most effective piriformis stretches that are supposed to relieve the pain.

But firstly, if you’re not sure if you’re suffering from sciatic nerve pain, check out the most common symptoms of sciatica down below:

  • Pain that originates in the lower back and continues down the back of the thigh, lower leg and even foot,
  • Sharp and searing pain in the lower back,
  • Pain in only one side of the buttock or leg,
  • Tingling in the buttocks and legs,
  • Pain that reduces when you lie down or walk but increases when you stand or sit,
  • A feeling of numbness, weakness or prickling.

Lastly, before we get on with the stretches, we want to emphasize how important it is to consult your doctor before you begin doing any kind of exercises. It’s also important that while doing them, you stay within your comfort zone.

1.    Lying Piriformis Stretch

Lie on the mat (or floor) with your feet on the floor. Your knees should be upwards and bent at about 90 degrees.  Cross your thighs by putting one leg on the other knee (back of one of your knee should be on the thigh of your other leg). Now lift your legs slightly and hug both of your thighs by locking your hands behind your lower knee. Then, pull your legs towards your torso and hold the stretch while you breathe deeply. Repeat with the opposite leg.

2.    Seated Stretch

Start by sitting on a comfortable chair. Cross one of your legs on top of the other (the ankle of your bent leg should be at the knee of your other leg). Then, lean forward slightly while keeping your back straight. Hold the stretch for a couple of deep breaths and until you feel the stretch along your crossed leg. Repeat with the opposite leg.

3.    Standing Piriformis Stretch

While standing, place one leg over the other leg’s knee. Lower your hips a bit (at about 45-degree angle), and then lean forward with your torso while extending your arms parallel to the ground. Keep your spine straight and hold the position for about thirty seconds while breathing deeply. Repeat with the opposite leg.


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