12 Etiquette Rules For Our Times That Everyone Should Know

If you wish to be a good person, accepted in all social circles, have good taste and make people around you feel appreciated – be polite. Having good manners not only helps you – people will always appreciate more those with good manners – but other people as well – they feel more appreciated if a person they’re conversing with has good manners.

Therefore, cultivate good manners by dressing appropriately and tastefully, conversing politely and behaving respectfully.

  1. Don’t stare at people – staring, especially while laughing is rude, to say the least.
  2. Always greet everyone around you – no matter their age, status or profession, greet everyone in a room you enter.
  3. Be careful with texting – don’t share completely private things over the phone. These things have a way of ending up in the wrong hands.
  4. Greet your friend’s friend – if you bump into your friend and s/he is with a friend, always greet them both.
  5. Respect all women – no matter their age, profession or status, women should be treated and greeted with respect.
  6. Don’t follow trends blindly – rather, develop a sense of personal style and incorporate only the trends you truly like.
  7. Respect people while driving – cursing is not acceptable in normal circumstances, so why should it be while you’re in the car?
  8. Keep phone conversations short and sweet – avoid long, empty or angry conversations over the phone.
  9. Don’t check your phone every minute – when with a company, answer your phone only if it’s truly important. Checking your phone every minute makes other people think you’re bored and uninterested.
  10. Don’t carry women’s bags – men can and should take women’s coats and jackets but not their bags as this is considered to be a personal accessory.
  11. Thank people – wherever you are (at the store, bank, home), make sure you actually thank people when they help you/do you a favor.
  12. Keep certain things private – your religion, wealth, medical and family problems should not be talked about unless you’re specifically asked about them.


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