10 Important Signs That You Mustn’t Ignore!

Our body is perfection of the Mother Nature. When it sends some signals you should take very serious into consideration, because it can be early warning about some serious health condition that can follow in the near future. You can prevent very serious health issues by recognizing these early signals. We present you list with 10 signals that you mustn’t ignore.

1.      Bleeding gums

Vitamin C deficiency can cause bleeding gums. To deal with this you need to improve you diet by consuming more fruit, vegetables and garlic.

2.      Dry skin on the elbows

Dry skin on your elbows is warning sign about vitamin A and vitamin C deficiency. To reverse vitamin levels in normal you just need to consume oranges, carrots, pumpkin, and apricots.

3.      Brittle hair and nails

Lack of vitamin D and calcium can cause brittle nails and hair. Potatoes, legumes, milk and wheat grain are great source of vitamin D, so introduce them into your regular diet.

4.      Dry skin

Vitamin E deficiency causes dry skin. Consume vegetable oil, nuts and oily fish to boost your Vitamin E levels.

5.      Poor sleep, irritability, leg cramps

If you have trouble with your sleeping, leg cramps and irritation then check your magnesium and potassium levels.

Magnesium rich food: linseed, almonds, nuts.

Potassium rich food: spinach, kale, chard and all green leafy vegetables.

Vegetables that contain both minerals: apricots, plums, and red beet.

6.      Desire for sour food

The need for sour food can be indicator that you need stimulation of the gallbladder and liver. Consuming lemons and cranberries can deal with this issue.

7.      Increased desire for seafood

Deficiency of iodine can lead to cravings for seafood.

8.      Desire for raw foods

Eating too much raw food can be indication for gastritis or liver issue. Actually, it is healthy approach if you want to deal with stomach cramps.

9.      Sweet cravings

Nervous exhaustion always asks for more sweet things. When it comes to sugar cravings, take some honey or dark chocolate as a healthy replacement for white sugar.

10.    Cravings for salty food

Problems with urogenital system, inflammation or some infection can lead to salty food cravings.

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