10 Beneficial Effects of Using Tea Tree Oil in Your Household

Tea tree oil is extract of Melaleuca alternifolia which is native Australian plant used during the years for treating various health conditions. It has antiseptic properties and it is used in treating wounds and minor injuries.

This essential oil is used as active ingredient in many cosmetic and household products for the following purposes:

  • against mold in the air
  • skin and nail creams
  • shampoos
  • laundry detergents and many more

Here are additional 10 uses of this miraculous essential oil:

1. Clear up acne

Treating acne with tea tree oil has same effectiveness as conventional treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide. You should know that it works more slowly and there are no fast results. But it is more natural and beneficial when it comes to skin irritations. Actually by using this oil you will avoid skin irritations or any other side effect. Use this oil two times daily for 45 days and you will solve your acne symptoms.

2. Heal scars

This oil has cicatrisant properties which means heal wounds quickly. Also, these properties of tea tree oil reduce scars and marks that are result from acne and prevents infections.

3. Stop smelly feet

If you are struggling of smelly feet then you can prepare DIY foot powder that deals with feet bacteria. Mix equal amounts of cornstarch and baking soda and add 10 drops of tea tree oil. Additionally, you can add 10 drops of lavender oil. Apply the solution on your feet and put your shoes on sunny and dry place.

4. Cure fungal nail infections

Fungal nail infections can be easily treated with this type of essential oil. You just need to apply 100% tea tree oil two times a day for six months and significant results will be noticed in just three months of using this oil.

5. Have smoother skin

Tea tree oil is effective when it comes to reducing age and wrinkles spots thanks to it’s antioxidant properties.

6. Eliminate ringworm

Tea tree oil deals with ringworm and prevents spreading of fungus. Just add few drops of tea tree oil in carrier oil like olive or almond oil and apply on the affected skin.

7. Relieve athlete`s foot

Tea tree oil is very effective when it comes to infections responsible for athlete’s foot. Just use 25-50% tea tree oil on the affected skin, and it will relieve the symptoms of itching, scaling and burning.

8. Reduce cold and flu symptoms

Tea tree oil deals with symptoms of chest infections, colds and coughs. Just, rub the oil on the chest before going to bed. It will help you to inhale the oil during the night.

9. Strengthen hair

Diluted tea tree oil treats many conditions related with scalp issues. It stimulates hair growth by improving blood flow in the scalp. It keeps the scalp healthy and prevents hair loss.

10. Banish head lice

Tea tree oil contains compounds with insecticidal properties which make this oil great against lice and their eggs.

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